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August 2022

9th Grade Orientation

Kingston High School

Welcome Class of 2026!


Every student who begins at KHS during the 2022-2023 school year, as a freshman, is assigned to our support team. This team will remain with students until graduation. Mr. DeCicco Principal Ms. Montano Vice Principal Ms. Molinaro Assistant Principal Ms. Reposa Secretary to AP Mr. Ricketson School Counselor (A-K) Ms. Lacy School Counselor (L-Z) Ms. Vazquez Bi-lingual School Counselor Ms. Pece Guidance Secretary Mr. Hart Psychologist Ms. Rathjen Social Worker Ms. Rosario Bi-lingual Social Worker Ms. Rojas Bi-lingual Family Worker Mr. Coffey Attendance Dean Mr. Parker Coordinator of Prevention & Safety Officer Dawson School Resource Officer Officer Pedersen School Resource Officer Ms. Quick School Nurse Ms. Gallo School Nurse Ms. Studt School Nurse

Our Support Team

PBIS - Keys to Success

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  • Excellent student attendance is a crucial indicator of student success.
  • Students are expected to have a 90% or better attendance rate in all classes.
  • Attendance is taken each period and recorded.
  • Be sure to send in notes for being absent, late, or excused to the attendance office (located on 1st floor of Salzmann Main) in the morning.

Attendance affects everything!

  • There will be a modified bell schedule the 1st week. Information can be found on our website.
  • A Partnering for Success sign-off packet will be sent home the 1st or 2nd day of school and it MUST be returned by the following Friday.
  • All students will receive a free/reduced lunch packet. This should be filled out ASAP regardless of income. This impacts not only meals, but also field trips, credentials, and exam fees.
  • Student handbooks and planners will be received during English classes.

Important INFO

KHS Bell Schedule

All 9th graders will receive a locker!

Typical 9th Grade Schedule

  • Data shows, the transition from middle school to high school is the most challenging transition a student will experience.
  • If a 9th grade student is successful Freshman year, chances are much higher she/he will successfully complete high school.
  • This is a fresh start. A time to learn more about yourself, navigate friendships, and set goals for the future.

Importance of Freshmen Year

High SchoolAssessments
Course Requirements
Credit Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Credit Requirements

Global HistoryorUS History
World Language
Earth Science orBiology
Students must pass a Regents Exam in all of the following cateorgies to obtain a Regents Diploma:


Chromebook DistributionKCSD has purchased Chromebooks for each student. CBs will stay with you for your 4 years at KHS!
  • 1:1 Chromebook student ratio
  • Paperwork must be completed by a guradian to receive your CB!
  • Bring your Chromebook daily! Teachers will have assignments posted within your CB.
  • Maintain a charge!
  • Respect your CB!
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  • Students will receive an ID badge with their schedule. They are color-coded by cohort. You must have an ID to gain entry to KHS during the school year. This will be checked upon entrance to the cafeteria as well.
  • All KHS students and staff are required to display an ID between their neck and waist during the school day.
  • Replacement IDs are available to the safety office for a nominal fee.

Identification (id) Badges

NO sunglasses
Cellphonesare turnedoff and storedaway
Straps areat least2 fingersin width
Hats arestoredaway andhoods aredown
Skirts andshortsare anappropriatelength
Clothing does notcontaininappropriatemessages
Refrain from jewelry that could cause harm to self/others.
Wear yourID badge
Consists of four levels of increasing range of outcomes for specific behaviors. This is posted in every classroom, AP office, agenda planner, and within our student handbook.

Jefferson Code of Conduct:

We look forward to seeing you September 7th. Please be sure to reach out with any questions or concerns!

Thank you!