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Cormac Mc Carthy

• US American novel writer • born 20th of July in 1933 in Providence, capital of Rhode Island • has written 12 novels, two plays, five screenplays and two short stories • mostly in the western and post-apocalyptic genre • won several prices like the National Book Award or the Pulitzer Prize for fiction (The Road)

  • suicide because she does think that life in this world is useless
  • tells her man that it would be better if he also kills himself and their son
important side character - the mother
his son
the man
  • son is anxious and is emotionally dependent
  • only capable of surviving because of his dad
  • does not speak much
  • father would do anything to make sure that his son is surviving
  • only focused on surviving, he is not empathic
  • lusterless and sometimes offish
  • loves his son more than anything else

characterization of the protagonists

the mothers end

All persons in the book are divided into good guys and bad guys. The father and his son have some encounters with bad guys, but also single persons on the road.


the story

Main Story: 1. Mother killed herself befor the book 2. Want to go south to survive the next winter 3. They reach the coast 4. Father gets injured by an Archer and dies 5. Son joins the Veterans group

the story

Side Storys: (Storys that basicly have a dead end and do nothing important to the rest of the story) 1. The Trucker 2. Basement full of people serving as food 3. The Apple orchard 4. Bunker 5. Random house full with stuff 6. Boy gets sick 7. Shipwreak 8. Thief

the trucker

naked people in the basement

the bunker

man steals their stuff

the ending

his son
the man
  • is getting more silent and distant
  • he is traumatized from all their adventures and his hope is vanishing
  • is getting more and more lusterless
  • not ready to help other people



  • almost all animals, plants, and humans have died – bodies litter the Landscape
  • -> death is a constantly looming figure
  • death even gets personified, f.e. the woman getting “a new lover”
  • the man is slowly dying, death gets nearer by day
  • many humans reverted to terrible behaviours of murder and cannibalism
  • only violence brings you security

death and violence

  • very strong paternal love
  • -> shows trough acts of kindness
  • man and the boy are “each the others world”
  • boy needs father as an emotional equalisation

familiar love

  • something of a double-edged sword
  • remembering the past only good thing left but then realise what you lost
  • man loses focus of surviving while remembering the past
  • gets remembered from time to time by things like food

memory and the past

interpretation of The Road

• wants to show the small path between bad and good• the stretchability of morals and values• the true human nature in face of survival• how hard it is to carry on the fire


• theme of a destroyed world covered with ash is impressive• you will be taken into the story• the simple story is not hard to understand• pleasant level of English

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