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The History of the Bicycle

4. Safety Bike


5. first races with wheels

6. The mountainbike is created

3. The Evolution of the high wheel

7. Environment and bike sharing

1.The Invention of the first bicycle

2. Pedals and crank on a bike

8. Sources

The Invention of the first bicycle

- Invented in 1817, by Karl von Drais, in Germany- it was called a running machine or Draisine- was patented in 1818- was made of wood, leather and a steerable front wheel- you had to push the wheel with your legs - 1818-1820 it became a must have


Pedels and crank on a bike

- developed by Pierre Michaux in the 1860s- it had pedals and a rotating crank on the front wheel- quickly became a hit- was very heavy because of the metal frame and therefore clumsy- it could weight up to 50 kilos- front wheel was slightly larger than the back wheel

Pedels androtating cranks

The Evolution of the high wheel

- larger front wheel higher speed- rear wheel was more a support wheel - as long as increased to today's high wheel- in Great Britan known as " Penny-Farthing" - getting on was difficult

The High Wheel

Safety Bike

- further development of the high wheel- named after a safe variant of the high wheel - had a gear shift, chain drive, handlebars and a front wheel fork - John Kemp Starley's Rover became the prototype of the modern bicycle - the epoch of the " Cult of the bicycle"- had a effect on women in the society - women could not ride well with their heavy dresses or corsets evolution of gender-neutral clothing

Safety Bike

first races with bikes

- around 1890 first races with the bicycle development to the racing bike- 1947 first bicycle race after 1939- Germany and Italy were excluded - Tour consists out of 20-25 stages ( through France, Luxembourg and Belgium)- the rider with the shortest time to finish won the single stage- this point system lasted until the 1980s

first races with bikes

The mountainbike is created

- after many small changes, in 1981 there was a major development and this is how the Mountainbike was invented - Joe Breeze, Charles Kelly and Gary Fisher are considered Inventors- they were looking for new trails to ride down on their bikes- tinkered with their bikes to make them more ajustable- improved the shocks and put wider tires on their bikes - the idea had quickly expended and mountain biking became a sport

The Mountain bike

Environment and bike sharing

- Nowdays cycling is supported a lot- more and more people nowdays use the bicycle as a cheap and environmentally friendly means of transport- In Europe and the USA it is now possible to rent bicyclesand return them at market places - In 1995 the e-bike was invented which is a good alternative for those who are not that sporty

Environment and bike sharing

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8. Sources

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