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Song analysis


History of AC/DC

History of AC/DC


Hells Bells


AC/DC Hells Bells


AC/DC=„Alternating Current/Direct Current“englische Abkürzung für „Wechselstrom/Gleichstrom“)

  • AC/DC is an australian "hard rock band" .It was founded by the Scottish-born brothers Angus and Malcolm Young in the year 1973
  • Still today they are one of the best hard rock bands, but the band itself claim that they play rock 'n roll
  • In November 1973, Angus and Malcolm began assembling the band, signing drummer Colin Burgess, bassist Larry Van Kriedt and vocalist Dave Evans.
  • AC/DC first performed at a Sydney club called Checkers on New Year's Eve 1973.
  • At the time of the first concerts, Angus Young was not yet of legal age.
  • After Dave Evans left they get Bon Scott,but shortly after Highway to Hell was released, Bon Scott died

History of AC/DC


  • The Bon-Scott-Era (1974–1980):
In a few years, AC/DC produced several successful albums, such as Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (1976), which was not released in the USA until 1981, and Let There Be Rock (1977).
  • The Brian-Johnson-Era (seit 1980):Since Scott died in the middle of the recordings for a new studio album, a lot of material had already been composed, so that after the commitment of the new singer Brian Johnson the album Back in Black could be released after a short time. Back in Black is the most successful AC/DC album.
  • The 90's: With this album and the hit single Thunderstruck, AC/DC returned to the rock stage and quickly achieved several platinum awards and top 10 placements in Europe, Australia and the USA.

History of AC/DC


  • Angus Young lives in both Sydney and Aalten in the Netherlands (near the German border) where he owns a house.
  • most of the members have a wife and kids but they don't talk so much about the family life or private life
  • The band was founded from two brothers so family is an important thing in life for them .

Family Life / private Life


Lyric analysis:

Since there is unfortunately no real music video for this song, I apologize for and only saying something about the boring video.

The Video :

  • In the lyrics of the song, the singer takes on the role of an angel from hell.That angel was sent by the devil to kidnap the anonymously addressed listener of the song to hell. The singer compares himself to the irrepressible forces of nature like thunder, lightning and storms, and make clear that resistance is futile.


Song analysis

lead vocals

Brian Johnson

rhythm guitarist

Malcom Young

lead guitarist

Angus Young

The End

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