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Favorite Place: Downtown San Luis Obispo & Paso Robles Future Plans: Finish high school in Japan, eat Japanese food Favorite Memory: School Functions such as Homecoming & Prom “I love Paso and am going to miss it. I have experienced special things that I couldn't experience in Japan” Tokyo, Japan

Favorite Place: San Francisco Future Plans: Finish school in Germany, travel to Vietnam Favorite Memory: Trips with family and friends “I met so many people, saw many new places and experienced the culture, all these together made my year so amazing and unforgettable.” Germany

Favorite Place: Downtown Park Future Plans: Spend time with Family in Italy Favorite Memory: American Christmas Traditions “We're happy, free, confused, and lonely in the best way” Taranto, Italy

Favorite Place: Izzie's Car, Starbucks, Avila Beach Future Plans: Stay with Izzie, go back to High School in Spain Favorite Memory: Prom, Swim, Birthday Party “I found really amazing people here that I will never forget.” Madrid, Spain

Favorite Place: Cayucos Beach, where he likes to skate & surf Future Plans: College at West cliff Irvine with a surfing scholarship Favorite Memory: Trip to Hawaii with host family “I been in amazing places and having the time of my life, living the American Dream” Lisbon, Portugal

Favorite Place: Cayucous Shipwreck Future Plans: Spending time with family at home Favorite Memory: Business trip to Santa Cruz “See as much as you possibly can” Norway