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from single man to a responsible adult

Will's Character development


Who is Will?



Single man

Resposible Adult

Childhood and Adolescence




  • A 36-year-old single, easy-going, selfish, rich man. (p.171)
  • Lives in London.
  • Lives alone, his friendships are superficial.
  • Lazy, doesnt care about others.
  • His appearance and beeing cool is important.
  • His father has written a famous christmas song.
  • Hates children.
  • Has love affairs with women, but no deeper relationships. (p.24)
  • Handsome attractive and brilliant man (p.24)

Who is Will?


  • Doesn't work ---> leads to isolation.
  • Watches a lot of television.
  • Has a huge aparment (doesn't need to go out as often).
  • Wants a simple life without problems ---> leads to isolation.
  • Hasn't got a friend he can talk to.
  • Has short relationships, one-nights stands. (p.23)

Will's Isolation

  • Always lived a live without problems.
  • Never had obligations as a kid.
  • Had some older friends in his young years.

Will's Childhood and adolscence


he was an aimless person

  • He was an egoistic person.
  • Only cares about himself.
  • Only sees the exterior of other people.
  • Lack of maturity.
  • He was superficial.
  • Lied a lot and didn't care.
  • Used to think that people who fall in love are not able to control themselves (p.171)

Will, a Single Man



  • Marcus influenced Wills character.
  • Will starts to care about people.
  • He feels responsible for someone. (p.147)
  • Tries to help somebody. (p.88) (also duck day, trainers for Marcus)
  • Realizes interhuman relationships are more important.
  • He realizes that lies aren't a good base for relationships.

Responsible Adult



  • Likes to be with his friends, becomes genuinely interested in other people. (p.129)
  • Spends a lot of time with his best friends Marcus.
  • Will falls in (real) love with Rachel for the first time. (p.189)
  • He wants to marry her.
  • They want a long term relationship.
  • Will is afraid of loosing her.
  • Loves her both, from the inside aswell as from the outside.




  • Changes from egoistic person to an understanding person. (p.23)
  • Develops abilities such as loving and responsibility. (p.109)
  • Admits to himself that he is vulnerable.
  • Starts caring about his and other peoles lives.
  • These experiences made Will become an adult.



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