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The Human Network

Join us:Strenghten and Protect your Community!

Homa Reto


  • Increase in emergencies, conflicts, and weather-related catastrophes.
  • Lack of democratic organization and care services.
  • Knowedge inequality and marginalization.
OUR SOLUTION: a mobile application that...
  • uses maps and messaging to organize NGOs and partners for disaster preparedness.
  • is participatory and community-based.
  • connects and empowers communities.

Our Mission

Monitor changing situations and respond faster to problems


Our Value

Offline functionalities, safety protocols & verified information

Reliable & Safe

Interactive social network for your civil society organization


Fast & easy information access for coordinated action

Bridges the gap





Community, Solidarity, and the War in Ukraine

Our Blog

The Power and Vulnerability of Women in Disasters

The Importance of Decolonizing Data

Visit our blog to learn about our philosophy and visions for digital and social justice.

Here are some examples of how you can use our network:

Our mission is a united and inclusive community. Our network cares for local democracy and mutual support.

NETWORK App for Fridays for Future & Black Lives Matter

COORDINATE protests for social justice

Hygienic and psychological GUIDANCE during COVID-19

ORGANIZE housing for Ukrainian refugees

Join Our Network!

What We Do For You

Our technology is only as good as our network:Your needs are at the center

We support Green and Social InitiativesWe provide visibilityWe connect you with CommunitiesWe make Information AccesibleWe use an Inclusive Design ProcessWe prioritize Data Ownership & Empowerment

*in 2021

Let us get together & transform systems of power!

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How to get inolved

Founder & Manager

Elaine Donderer

Mail: donderer@homareto.com

Tel: +49 (0) 151 42812040


Feel free to contact us directly for more information.

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