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Landing of the Pilgrim FathersAt cape cod

6.Ideas of the Pilgrim Fathers and the Ideal of the USA

5. Foundation of the settlement

4. The Mayflower Compact

3. The Voyage of the Mayflower

2. Historical background information

1. The Pilgrim Fathers


  • first English settlers in New England who founded the Plymouth colony
  • crossing Atlantic on the Mayflower 1620

The Pilgrim Fathers

Historical background Information

  • 1531 Henry the 8th became head of Church of England
  • Church of England separates from Rome
  • group of separatists was formed
  • belonged to the radical current in English Puritanism
  • renounced the Church of England
  • 1603 King James the first ascended the throne
  • persecution of the separatists
  • 1608 first fled to the Netherlands
  • after 66 day's arrived at Cape Cod
  • didn't have patent for that area
  • Problems:
  • Hygienic conditions miserable
  • -> illnesses
  • stormy weather
  • another attempt at emigration
  • -> in the New World
  • financial support from Thomas Weston
  • -> formed a joint-stock company with other merchants
  • 16 September 1620 Mayflower started with 102 passengers
  • destination: Virginia
  • Problems: hygienic and weather conditions

The Voyage of the Mayflower

The Mayflower compact

  • all emigrants should have same rights
  • form a self-governing community
  • passengers: pilgrims,adventurers, ordinary people
  • Puritans= saints
  • other passengers= strangers
  • strangers insist on not taking introductions from anyone
  • November 21: 41 men signed a compact


  • no houses designed to provide settlers from winter
  • Mayflower very cramped
  • settlers haven't the knowledge for surviving
  • don't know what equipment or material to use
  • survived first winter with the help of the native Americans
  • from November 25 men explored area
  • met native Americans for the first time ->gunfire
  • month after landing suitable territory is found
  • half of colonists die because of diseases and hunger

Foundation of the settlement

Usa Today

Ideas of the Pilgrims

  • idealized picture
  • war, fight,legal guns and racisme
  • -> part of reality
  • proved of their nation and history
  • selfconfidence
  • shaping culture and religion
  • special place were dreams come true
  • individual has no past -> can find himself
  • freedom and democracy
  • known for sunshine states like Hollywood
  • material success
  • independence
  • independence
  • religious freedom
  • freedom
  • individualism
  • progress for the own life

Ideas of the pilgrim fathers aNd the ideal of the usa today



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