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blood & organ donation

Why are blood and organ Donors relevant for us?



its benefits



general informTION


Bruce from port Macquarie

"saved lives from 1,800 people by donating 600 times"

- surgeon Charus Richard Drew improved techniques for blood storage- developed large-scale blood banks- allowed medics saving lives- which country has most donations?- daily 15.000 donations at operations

Blood doNATION

+ 913 donors in Germany 2020+ 9.100 people on waiting list every year

- lead surgeon Joseph Murray carried out first organ transplantation in 1954- demand for organ donors rises fatster than the actual number of donors- most donated organs from dead people- living organ donor (kidney, liver)- which country has the highest donor rate worldwide?

Organ Donation

- to donate organs, need to die in a hospital- other donations can occur up to 24h after death- two methods determining voluntary consent:- "opt-in" (Germany)- "opt-out" (Austria)

- after donation, seperate blood into red blood cells- blood is filtered- remove white cells to reduce risks of reactions- cells only last 42 days

Blood Donation

Organ Donation


- are used for patients in need of surgery, cancer treatment and transfusions for blood loss - for cancer patients, resource to implement platelets back into body after heavy treatments - lack of blood cell production causes chronic diseases- being able to save a dying patients life

Why is donation important?


- balancing iron levels - reducing risks of heart attacks - a single donation can help up to 3 people- blood bank used for important cases- one organ and tissue donor can help up to 10 people

"Blood donation is a solidar action, saving lives and curing certain diseases"

Why do we need blood and organ donors?

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