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June 2022

GraduationProject help?

SAT Info

This month's theme is:

Need some dinner table talking points?What are you looking forward to this summer?

ACT Info

Looking forward

  • Summer school
  • July 4th
  • See you in August!

June Dates

Have a fun and safe summer!

  • Graduation: June 10th
  • June 19: Juneteenth
  • June 22: Last day to make course request changes!
  • June 27: Summer School begins

June is

TalkingPoints App

Is English not your home language?¿el inglés no es tu lengua materna?क्या अंग्रेजी आपकी घरेलू भाषा नहीं हैهي اللغة الإنجليزية ليست لغتك الأم英语不是你的母语吗

Summer Safety

10th Grade

9th Grade

11th Grade

12th Grade

  • Visit Colleges

  • Driver's Education

  • College Athletics (NCAA)

http://fs.ncaa.org/Docs/eligibility_center/Student_Resources/CBSA.pdf http://fs.ncaa.org/Docs/eligibility_center/DI_and_DII_Worksheet.pdf

  • Working Papers

  • Apprenticeship/ Unions

  • Part-Time Employment

Red HouseMelissa Felty, A-Kmfelty@pvsd.orgx2016Amanda Conlan, L-Zaconlan@pvsd.orgx2013

Blue HouseCarla Zielinski, A-Kczielinski@pvsd.orgx2007Dorie Sobeck, L-Zdsobeck@pvsd.orgx2006

White HouseLuke Seymour, A-Klseymour@pvsd.orgx2046Joan Burger, L-Zjburger@pvsd.orgx2009

Good Luck Class of 2022!

  • Study for the SATs

  • Financial Aid Webinars