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Transportation & Technology



autonomous driving

  • Only electronic cars (battery lasts a month)
  • Cars are allrounders:
    • Drive
    • Fly
    • Dive
  • Autonomous driving
  • Extremly comfortable

Autonomous Driving

Technology has developped through scientific research.Especially artificial intelligence and robotics have improved, which makes everyday life easier.



climate change is stopped

Climate change has stopped because we only use renewable energy. Through many modern techniques, there are ways to emit no or less exhaust gases.

waste problem is solved

Through research and modern technology, there are some alternatives to plastic. There are machines that clean the oceans. Life in the sea has been restored.

Everyday Life



People attach great importanceto regionalism and organic farming. In order to save resources and still feed humanity properly, most food will be made from algae or, for example, insect flour.There is artificially produced meat and food from the 3D printer.

Medical Care

Through telemedicine, the family doctor is available 24 hours a day and routine examinations take place online. Through scientific research, diseases can be better prevented and the life expectancy of the population is increasing. Diseases like cancer or Alzheimer's do not longer exist.

  • Offices and companies are fully digitalized and home offices are very common.
  • People are even more connected and collaborative working from all over the world is more possible.
  • The schools are digitalized and students work with tablets and computers.
  • The learning plans are adapted to the students so that better and faster learning is possible.

Work & education


Safety and security

The alarm system is highly advanced and there are no more robberies. If required, you can control the alarm system with your mobile phone.

Green balconies

In order to have fresh air even in the heavily populated cities, the areas are optimally used and planted. There are plants, such as tomatoes, as well as small trees and flowers.This also protects the insects and provides them with a good living space.

Ambience & Atmosphere

The homeowner can set each room to the perfect temperature, light intensity, colour and music using their mobile phone.

Space travelling

Space Travelling

Easy travelling from earth to space is possible. People are going on vacation to different planets.There, we find new friends and meet Aliens, who are nice guys.

Space travelling

We travel with a rocket like it was a plane, the engine is made out of renewable energy. Also, we relieve the earth's environment, because there are less people at one place.


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