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1. Talk about verbals2. Learn about participles3. Work in pairs4. Play a jeopardy game

Today we:



Pair work

Types of verbals


_______leg (break)

_____ glass(break)

_____stamps (collect)

_____stamps (collect)

____temperature(freeze) ______pond (freeze)

_____woods(burn) ______stick (burn)

Complete the statement by using the verb in the parentheses to describe the following pictures.

These are called Participles. A participle is a form of verb that can act as an adjective.

What are the forms of a participle?

Participles fall into two groups: present participles and past participles. You can identify these two different types of participles by their endings.

What do you call the verbs that are used to describe the following pictures?

Present Participle (-ing) is used to describe something or someone. Ex. The interesting show is worth to watch.

When do we use present participles?

Present participles end in –ing. Past participles generally end in –ed but may also have irregular endings such as –t and –en.

How do we write participles?

How can we distinguish if it’s a verb or a participle?

A verb shows an action or a condition while a participle acting as an adjective modifies a noun or pronoun.

Lets play a jeopardy game!


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