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A trip to the USA

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Where’s it located? Almost perfectly in the middle of the US Distance to the pacific is just as big as the distance to the atlantic It’s located in the great plains Borders Nebraska, Oklahoma, Colorado and Missouri What’s it known for? Most probably known for “the wizard of Oz” because Dorothy is from Kansas Oil wells and wheat, which are important for the economy It is called “bread basket of the USA” because of its wheat production What is the capital? The political capital is Topeka, although Kansas city and Wichita are more famous Which are the sights to go to? There are a bunch of museums you can go to, e.g. Big Brutus, the Kansas Cosmosphere, an interactive museum Boot Hill Museum, Dodge City from old western movies Fort Larned National Historic Site Monument rocks (chalk pyramids), featured in the 8 Wonders of Kansas Interesting facts & celebrities: Charlie Parker, arguably the most famous jazz alto saxophone player in the world Joe Walsh (the eagles) Stan Kenton, also jazz musician (pianist), band leader and composer Kendall Schmidt (big time rush) Hattie McDaniel, singer and actor Katrina Leskanich, Janelle Monáe, both famous singers ->Many famous singers and musicians in general The Davis Memorial is supposed to be a hidden gem What do you like most about this state? Probably the variety of jazz musicians born there because jazz is amazingly complex. Sources https://state.1keydata.com/kansas.php (Zugriff am 09.06.2022, 12:00 Uhr) https://www.usatipps.de/bundesstaaten/mittlerer-westen/kansas/ (Zugriff am 09.06.2022, 12:00 Uhr) https://www.onlyinyourstate.com/kansas/must-see-kansas-hidden-gems/ (Zugriff am 09.06.2022, 12:00 Uhr)


  1. Alaska is located in the northwest corner of North America.
  2. Alaska is known for glaciers, national parks, the vast wilderness, Northern lights, midnight sun, and cruises.
  3. The capital of Alaska is Juneau.
  4. Denali is the third largest national park in the US.
Anchorage is the biggest City in Alaska. 5.Lydia Jacoby won the Gold Medal in the 100 Meter Breaststroke in Summerolympics 2020. Lairid barron 6. Alaskas flag was designed by a 13 year old Boy called Benny Benson. Sources?

Geolocation: Montana is located in the north east of the USA, right next to Idaho. What is the State known for?: It is mainly known for not existing, no one seems to know someone from Montana the state has only 2,7 inhabitants per km2 Montanas capital is Helena. Sights to go to: In my opinion the its not really about sights in Montana but more about the landscape in general, even part of the yellow stone national park is located there. History and culture: In 1862 the gold rush began in Monatna, from 1876 to 1877 Montana was at war with the natives. The native tribes have had a rich culture and are known for thier music In 1889 Montana became the 41. US state. Hidden places: There are many gold mines spread out in the state which are really interesting Best thing: The best thing in Montana is easely the landscape. What are your sources?

Where is the state located? Southeast of America What is the state known for? Florida is famous for its beaches, theme parks, natural sceneries, and orange orchards. What is the capital? Tallahassee Which are the sights? is famous for its beaches, theme parks, natural sceneries, and orange orchards. Facts (What about English here?) Spitzname: The Sunshine State Staatstier: Florida Panther

  • Fläche: 170.304 km2.
  • Einwohner: 20.984.400 (2017 geschätzt)
  • Mitglied der USA seit: 3. ... ?
  • Zeitzone: UTC-5 EST (westlich des Apalachicola River: UTC-6)
  • Höchste Erhebung: Britton Hill (105 Meter)
  • Tiefster Punkt: Atlantik (0 Meter)
  • Durchschnittliche Höhe: 30 Meter.
  • Hauptstadt: Tallahassee.

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New York State Where is the state located? - Its located in the northeastern from the USA. - Belong to the Central Alantic states What is this state known for? - Its known for the city New York, many famous sights, cultural diversity and bustling economy What is the capital? - The capital is Albany Albany Which are the sights to go to? - The famous sights are the city Neu York , the Statue of Liberty - But also Empire State Building and Times Square Interesting facts about the starte New York - Alicia Keys, Jennifer Lopez, 50 cent, rappers Jay Z and a few more are famous people who belong to the state of New york - Baseball was invented in the state New York What do you like most about this state? My favorite thing about New York State is all the sights, like the Statue of liberty, but also what New Stark State looks like at night New York State Flag New York city

Vermont Geolocation: Vermont borders Canada to the north, New York to the west, Massachusetts to the south and New Hampshire to the east. Vermont has 645.570 inhabitans and belongs to the region New England. The capital is Montpelier and is the smallest state capital. It has a historical charm and exiting sights. Known For:

  • maple syrup
  • dairy farming
  • mining
  • processing of marble
  • the idyllic mountain landscape
  • Killington Ski Area in Rutland County
  • The only Ben & Jerry's Ice cream cafe
  • Church Street Marketplace in Burlington
  • Pump House Indoor Waterpark at Jay Peak Resort
  • The Golf Club at The Equinox in Manchester
  • Bennington Museum in Bennington
Hidden places:
  • Sunset Drive-In, Colchester
  • Zipper Sculpture, Barre
  • Ice Castles, Stratton
  • Hildene, the Lincoln family Home, Manchester
  • Rock of Ages Granite Quarry, Graniteville
Famous People:
  • Damon Wayans Jr.
  • Zosia Mamet
  • JoJo
  • Vermont Catamounts Basketball (men & woman)
  • Vermont Lake Monsters Baseball
  • Vermont Green FC Soccer
  • William L. Fletcher
  • Timothy Steele
  • Major Jackson
  • David Huddle

ARIZONA Located -Southwest on the border to Mexico knowen for… - Saguaro Nationalpark - dry desert - lot of Cacti and venemous animals Capital -Phoenix Sights -Grand Canyon -Saguaro National park -Monument Vally Sports -Basketball -Baseball -American football -Ice hockey -Indoor football -Soccer -Ultimate Frisbee famous people -Emma Stone Scottsdale hidden Places -The Wave /Marble Canyon -Montezuma Castle /Camp Verde -Arcosanti /Mayer -Fireflies /Yayoi Kusama Infinity Room, Phoenix -The Dones /Casa Grande -Pumpkin Spring Pool /Littlefield -Grand Canyon Carves Underground Suite /Peach Spings -Mystery Vally /Kayenta -Valley of the Moon /Tucson -The Wigwam Village /Holbrook -Cinder Lake Crater Field /Flagstaff -Catalina Highway /Tucson -Grand Falls /Leupp -North Rim /Grand Canyon Nationalpark -Emerald Cove /Willow Beach -Redwall carvern -Boyce Thompson Arboretum /Superior

Colorado: 1.Where is the state located? -Located in the western part -in the central region of the USA 2.What is the state known for? -its famous for its forest,mountains,hot springs and sand dunes -nature -variety of activities (e.g. hiking,horse riding…) 3.What´s its capital? -the capital is denver 4.Which are sights to go? -Rocky Mountains (Nationalpark) -Garden oft he gods 5.Interesting fun facts -Denver lays claim to the invention oft he cheeseburger -Rocky is one oft he oldest and richest mascots in professional sports 6.What do you like most oft he state? What I like most about the state of Colorado ist hat there is so much nature and you can relax and take pictures in many places. Quiz: Of what is Colorado the birthplace? a) Pizza b) Cheeseburger c) pommes frites +nuggets What is the nickname of Colorado? a) Coloradans b) Colorful Colorado c) The centennial state Solutions: b c