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Beach holidays are perfect for people who just need time out to relax to recharge their batteries. Avoid the hustle and bustle of city life, and soak up the sun, sea, and sand in a calm location, listening to the sounds of the waves lapping up on the shore.

1Beach Holiday

2Skııng Holiday

Ski holidays are perfect for people who love the adrenalin and snow.Maybe there is a fear of falling and getting injured while skiing, but you don't have to be afraid because skiing is something that can be learned easily.If you are tıred of the heat you will love this holiday.

3Cruze Vacatıon

Cruise vacation is not like any other vacation. Because you will not feel tired during this holiday. On the contrary, when you get off the ship, you feel rested and renewed. Along with the fitness center and spa rooms on board, the treatment rooms make you feel good.

4Campıng Holiday

Camping with sleeping bags and tents includes accommodation for a certain period of time. Camping, which can be done both in the forest, on the slopes of the mountains, and on the seaside, means being in touch with nature. This sport, which forms the basis of all kinds of nature activities, makes it possible to relax mentally, and if you love nature, you will love this holiday.

5Advanture Vacation

Adventure holidays are for people who like to have adrenaline, have fun and try new things.You can do hıkıng,cyclıng,bungee jumpıng,jumping with paracuthe,raftıng,cano and more.These things might sound a little scary but if you're crazy it will be a lot of fun.

6Safarı Vacatıon

These journeys are organized to reveal the beauties and mysterious world of nature and are mostly carried out by jeeps. If you want to see and photograph how wild animals live, you will love this holiday.

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