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How can we save humanity?


- The human way to Mars

The Martian

2.3 Missions

2.2 5 pillars

2.1 Artemis

3.2. Our Opinion

4. Thanks

3.1. Problems

3. Expectable in the near future?

2. Realisation

1. Reasons for going to Mars


Reasons for going to mars

There is Water on Mars

The journey to Mars is extremely short (6 months)

Mars is a place of research for sience

Mars is the most similar planet to Earth in the solar System

Mankind increasingly needs a new habit.Earth is no longer viable


  • Artemis ≙ Greek goddess of the moon or hunting
  • first woman, as well as bring another man to the moon
  • establish lunar base from which to fly to Mars

5 pillars

5. Lunar Lander

4. Lunar Gateway

3. Exploration Ground Systems

2. Spaceship Orion

1. Space Launch System

"Moon to Mars Program" -NASA

Scheduled for 2025

Scheduled for May 2024

Scheduled for August 2022

Artemis missions

Continuing the journey to Mars...

...The next step is to set off for Mars via the Lunar Gateway. To discover and explore new conditions there.





The Mars mission is summarized as one of the greatest missions of mankind, not least to save them. But what sounds good at the beginning often brings problems:


The project will cost a total of 93 billion.

Supply and social

If there is a problem, nobody can help the stressed astronauts

The technology is not safe enough for such a delicate mission

Accidents and technical defects

Due to the solar flares, the team must protect themselves.

Radiation in space

Expectable in the near future?



Our opinion