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energy - Practice

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What is energy?

It is the ability to do work or cause a change.

It is the ability to transmit a movement.

It is the heat and light that come from the sun.

Guess: It is the most important source of energy on Earth, radiating light, heat, and different types of radiation. What is it?

The Sun

Photovoltaic energy

The center of the Earth

question 2/10

It is a source of clean energy which is fundamental for life on Earth. It has mechanical energy and with its power clean energies are produced. What is it?




question 3/10

What do we call the energy produced by the force of water?

hydraulic energy

wind energy

thermal energy

question 4/10

What do we call the energy produced by wind power?

wind energy

kinetic energy

motor energy

question 5/10

Which are fossil fuels?

carbon, petrol, and gas


dinosaurs and other fossils

question 6/10

Which are renewable energy sources?

Water, wind, sun, heat from the Earth, and biomass

The sea, rivers and water accumulated in the form of ice

Those that deplete more slowly

question 7/10

What are the properties of energy?

can be transformed, transferred, transported, and stored

transformation, adaptation, mobility and change

the distributive property, the associative property and the neutral property

question 8/10

According to the sources that produce it, into what two groups are energies divided?

renewable and non-renewable

transferrable and non-transferrable

conductors and non-conductors

question 9/10

What type of energy is the force of falling water transformed into in a dam?

hydrophobic energy

magnetic energy

electrical energy

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