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v2 Bridging Withdrawal Data1st Novemeber 202130th April 2022

5. Final Plan & Next Steps4.20pm - 4.50pm: 30 minutes

4. Cross-Chain Bridge V3.02.50pm - 4.20pm: 1.5 Hours

3. Break5 minutes

2. Business Planning - CCB Business model 1.45pm - 2.45pm: 1 Hour

1. Review Business Feedback, Data & Q&S1.05pm - 1.45pm: 40 minutes


Review Business Feedback & Data

Important Links

  1. Dune Analytics: https://dune.com/tixl/Cross-Chain-Bridge-by-Tixl
  2. Bridging Withdrawals last 180 days spread sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fBbRvRjUIHY45jk5iQuL0_tvtxyKsG6m2XV6ZS8GQjg/edit#gid=861917468

Avalanche & Fantom

Fantom Txs09.02.22 - 30.04.22
Avalanche Txs03.02.22 - 30.04.22

Liquidity Pool Fee Distribution

V3 Potential Upgrades &Features

Bridge Fee Mechanics


Stablecoin vs project focus

Fee distribution: 70% RP15% LM15% BBB

POL: BRIDGE discount swapFee distribution

Buy-Back-Burn: Replace TXL with BRIDGE

1 click/tx onboarding - project inputs: Networks, Token Addresses & Tokens > CCB executes

NFT contract upgrade + batch bridging


BD, Marketing & Tools

BRIDGE utility

Reward Pool removal fee - Timescale fee reduction

Sales Deck/Story - targeting our niche

CCB TVL, Bridging vol, withdrawal & deposit tracker

Reduce BRIDGE emission

Project Buy/Stake for onoboarding & fee reduction

Team is not interested in adding another bridge

Team develops its own bridge solution

Team is unresponsive (dead/scam projects)

Team focuses on a single chain

Team focuses on one bridge

Key Insights From Stakeholders

Social Media Monitoring

Key Features For The Community

LiquidityLong delays due to liquidity fragmentation

ExperienceStaking, UX/UI, Interoperability

OthersCancellation feature, BTC integration, Real Token

NFT BridgeGaming and Metaverse enthusiasts

Security Increased uncertainty due to crypto hacks

FeesHigh transaction cost and unpredictable fees


Network Supported Per Bridge Provider
Total Value Locked vs. Total Volume

Top Competitors - Fee Distribution


User Experience Improved

Bridge More Secured

Bridge-As-a-Service Offered

Referral Programme Created

New Network Connected

Bridging Fees Paid in BRIDGE

Lower Fees For BRIDGE/TXL Holders

Liquidity Mining Pools Removed

Strategic Solutions