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How am I organized

On another screen:

In background:

On a screen:

  • Linphone
  • vscode
  • Teams
  • Chrome with pinned tabs (JIRA , Tempo)
  • Firefox with pinned tabs (outlook, calendar)

When laptop opens:

Current project are in favoritesOne important filter "mentionned"Others filters only used to remove motifications from inbox

Firefox: Mail

work at office all colleagues calendarvacation calendar from odoo

Firefox: Calendar

Nothing specialI log twoice a day or when I switch from tickets

Chrome: Tempo

I choose ticket with higher priority first then using the due date.

Try to do very simple ticket (1h - 2h) asap to avoid blocking the PO.

Chrome: JIRA My open issues

Use auto formatingUse integrated terminal Use Gitlab plugin for pipeline statusUse Github copilot


Chrome extension awesome screenshot for videosUbuntu Screenshot app for ... wait for it ... screenshotsUse Gitlab plugin for pipeline statusUse Github copilot

Other tools

Thanks !!