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My Internship


4. Fun Activity

3. Writing Exercise

2. Venn Diagram

1. Riddle of the Day


What is "there"?

The more there is, the less you see.

How was your Internship?

  • Create a Venn Diagram in the exercise part of your folder.
    • Title: My Internship
    • Date: 16.5.2022
  • Compare your two internships.
  • Upload your Venn Diagram on Task Cards.
    • Do not mention your name, we want to guess in the next class.

Comparing your Internship

Wokring with #

Your dream job/company?

How did you like it?

Describing a Day


Write about your Internship

General Information



Next Class


Talk to your class mates in English and collect signatures.

Collect Signatures

thank you

What´s wrong?

And you can look up at the role model.

What´s wrong?

Wo ich noch jünger war...

What´s wrong?

Or the role model can show you that...

What´s wrong?

they´re, their, there

What´s wrong?

I think Teenager can be a role model when he is good at sports.