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How much are we being monitored?

"Think about what we were all like in the beginning[...] disoriented, not trusting anybody [...] till we had no choice but to live."

  • protagonist (Thomas) wakes up in a lift ("the Box") with no memory of his past
  • he is immersed in a community of about thirty teenage boys
    • they learned to survive self-sufficiently under their own set of rules in an enclosed environment
  • live in a square called "the Glade" for three years already
  • they try to escapef the maze.
  • elected boys, ("runners"),explore the maze daily
  • labyrinth has four entrances, opening early in the morning and closing in the evening
    • it shifts every night and cruel creatures ("Grievers") lurk in





  • American writer James Smith Dashner
  • born November 26, 1972 in Austell, Georgia
  • the dense forest at his birthplace provided him with ideas for his later stories
  • his series "Maze Runner - The Chosen" conquered the bestseller lists worldwide and has now sold more than 25 million copies






born in Austell, Georgia


Studied at Brigham Young University in Utah, where he obtained his master's degree in accounting


first book written (Door in the Woods)


wrote Maze Runner



James Dashner has written over 39 books to date

  • guardian of the Runners
  • fast, both mentally and physically
  • smart and strong-minded
  • arcastic sense of humor
  • acts based on his deep knowledge of the Maze: ideal guide and mentor for Thomas
    • helper of protagonist, trusted loyal friend
    • demonstrates a quick temper
    • trusts his intuition -> sometimes leads to dangerous situation
  • ultimately believes in following the rules

  • state surveillance without much protection
  • only methods: protection of privacy by encrypting data or avoidance of critical content creation digitally
  • almost impossible not to be monitored

  • digitalisation expanded surveillance
  • where previously defined areas of privacy applied, these are now being eroded further and further
  • apps with unknown providers and developershave have access to our phone contacts, photos and location data
    • data collection penetrates even into children's bedrooms
    • data is used to find out what our lives are like

Maze Runner as an example for and warning against surveillance

-never stop running-

age: 17

highly recommended, especially for the target group of teenagers to young adults