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EVA 18.05.2022

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*to smell a rat = growing suspicious

1. Do the quiz "How Truman smelled a rat".*The code will enable you to view the next task.

Answer the following questions by clicking the pen :

  1. What changes about Truman/ his life between these two scenes?
  2. Is he "back to normal" as the producer says? Why? Why not?


Truman after his father comes back and he "goes back to normal"

the first time we see Truman

Truman - there is nothing fake about him

Take a look at this shot.

  • Which scene is it from?
  • What perspective are we shown?
  • What does this shot clarify about Truman's life/ situation?
  • What does it tell us about Truman?
In the next tasks, you will take a closer look at the camera work.

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Watch both video clips to see the whole scene where Truman and his father are reunited. What camera shots are used in the first clip? (How) is it different in the second clip?What does the camera work do for the viewer? How are reality and deception presented?Upload your notes to Teams.

Truman faces the music

Go back and watch the reunion scene again. How is music used there? Who hears it? Who is it for? What does it do? Take notes. Upload them to Teams.