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war in ukraine

5. Consequences

4. Causes and reasons

3. Population

7. Wrap-up

2. Main information

6. Solutions / Outcomes

1. Definition


War is an armed struggle between states, considered as a historical and social phenomenon.


Main information

- The war is currently ongoing on the territory of Ukraine and the Russian border.- Ukrainians have been fleeing the country for several months now (since the intervention of Russian armed forces in the heart of the country) towards the European Union and mainly Poland, a border country.

Population having left their home


Population that has left the country



EU rules out rapid integration of Ukraine.

Russia attacks Ukraine, the EU responds with heavy sanctions.

Russia is excluded from the Council of Europe and is accused of "war crimes”.

Ukraine applies for EU membership.

Causes and reasons

Russia recognizes the independence of Donetsk and Luhansk and enters the separatist territories.

March 16-17, 2022

March 11, 2022

February 28, 2022

February 24, 2022

February 21, 2022

Vladimir Poutine

"I have taken the decision of a special military operation of demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine so that, freed from this oppression, Ukrainians can freely choose their future."


- Precariousness (lack of water, food, ...).- The dangers (injuries, deaths, bombings, ...).- Political issues (international relations, UN, security councils, international rights violations, war crimes, ...).- Economic problems (food crisis (Ukraine and wheat), risk of economic and banking blockages, ...).

- Saving lives (survivors, injured, immigrants)- Return of peace in the world- Stop Russia's violations of international rights and reaffirm the identity and strength of the international community.



- Democratic way (already done without real solutions found).- Peaceful solutions (negotiations, aid in Ukraine, ...).- Economic sanctions against Russia (which Western countries have already implemented many times).

To find a peaceful way to avoid further deaths and to avoid the expansion of the conflict that could lead to a third world war in the coming months.


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