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Death Valley

5. Phenomena

4. History

3. Fauna and Flora

2. Climate

1. Location


The Valley of Death is located in the southwestern United States , it extends over the counts of Inyo and San Bernardino along the border of Nevada.


The heat record is 56. 7 in the 10. 07. 1913 is the lowest temperature is -9 in 1913 more the average temperature is 26.Moreover it constitutes a desert of the Mojaves hidden by three mountains.


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Fauna and Flora

Death Valley is home to more than 400 species and animals whose serpent has a rattle


Death Valley is home to the Timbisha Indian tribe, formerly known as the Panamint Shoshone, who inhabited the valley for at least a millennium.William Lewis Manly was part of the expedition and wrote an autobiographical story entitled Death Valley in ’49 which recounted his adventure and made the region known.It was named Death Valley on February 11, 1933, by President Herbert Hoover.

In Death Valley in the USA, stones move themselves on the ground for tens, sometimes hundreds of metres. Blocks weighing up to 30 kg move mysteriously.Wind and winter ice would be involved. In the dry lake of Racetrack playa, in Death Valley, the rocks move around leaving a mark on the ground. Wind and ice sheets formed during the rare winter rains are thought to be the cause of the phenomenon.