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Today's Lesson

Warm Up

Body rock song

Sum Up

Learning Objective

Today we are going to practise the Body Rock song

Today's Lesson - Learning objective - Warm up

Learning Objective

Double Circle

How are you?How old are you? What day is it today?What are you wearing?

Today's Lesson - Warm up- Main Activity

Warm Up

Let's sing the song: Body rock!CD 3, Number 23

Warm up- Main Activity - Sum Up

Warm Up

Body Rock Song:Let's rock, the rock, the body rock, yeah!Listen everybody, get ready for the rock, the rock, the rock, the body rock, yeah!Shake your body, to the beat, arms and hands and legs and feet, head and hair and ears and nose, come on, shake from head to toes!Listen everybody, get ready for the rock, the rock, the rock,the body rock, yeah!Boys and girls, join in please, touch your toes and touch your knees, touch your ears, your nose, your lips, clap your hands and touch your hips. Come one!

Warm up- Main Activity- Sum Up

Warm Up

In German..Was war gut / was hätte man besser machen können?

main activity - sum up

Ten, nine, eight – English is great! Seven, six, five - give me high five! Four, three, two – we are a brilliant crew! And finally one – we are all gone

good bye