Want to make creations as awesome as this one?


Good Morning !

Listen to the story about Riley

Have a look under your nametag

Who is happy ?Stand up!

Who is ... ?

When is Riley happy?

She is happy, when ...

Let's write down some feelings !

Write down every situation you can think of.

1. Scan the QR-Code with your iPad2. Add your ideas

Situations, when I feel sad/ angry/ happy/..

padlet solutions

What about your feelings?

If you are done: raise your hand

1. Go together with your partner2. Ask him about his feelings3. Write them down in a dialogue4. Prepare yourself for sharing

We want to find out more about the feelings of our classmates !

Find your partner !

I am ..

How are you?

Share: Tell the class !

Listen about which feelings your classmates are talkingChoose this feeling in your gallery of your ipadand share it with us