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art in new york city

The metropolitan museum of art and The Moma


The Street Dance


The Street Art



in NYC


_Was born in 1960’s_In the Bronx district *on sidewalks, walls, subways, public surfaces...*_Mainly by CORNBREAD and COOL EARL *Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keit Haring*_For everyone - Techniques are: -graffti -stencil -posters -stickers -projections

The street art

_This art as form of provocation_The street art remains an illegal art_Street art explosed in NYC in 1980's speciallyin Manhattan and Brooklin _"The streets serve as a minor on society"_street art has become a very powerful means of expression

_Has developed in 1970s_In the Bronx district_By AFRIKA BAMBAATAA_For young people _5 pillars : The MCing The graffiting The human beatboxing The DJing The B-Boing

The street dance

_Culture hip-hop opposed to the culture of violence._Break dancing is based on respect and originality ._Break dance was devoloped by young immigrants who bring their dance styles._The break dance is close to several dance styles such as -Swing -Charleston -Tap dancing_Break dance could be like martial arts _Now, the break dance is an artistic opening to be overminded and to push the limits.

The metropolitan museum of art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York (also known as The Met for short) is one of the world's largest art museums. It has been open to the public since February 20, 1872 and is located in the borough of Manhattan, on the Central Park side of the city. The museum also includes another building, The Cloisters, at the north end of the island, in Fort Tryon Park (Washington Heights). This annex features medieval art and reconstructions of European cloisters.

The moma

The Museum of Modern Art, known by its acronym MoMA, is a museum of modern and contemporary art that opened in 1929 and is now located in the Midtown area of Manhattan MoMA is one of the world's most important and influential museums of modern art. MoMA's collection offers an overview of modern and contemporary art, primarily European and American. MoMA's library includes approximately 300,000 books

The Moma

The street dance

The street art