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Class 4b travels to Wangerooge

Wangerooge is an island in...... the USA.... Germany.... England.

Class 4b is looking forward to their class trip to Wangerooge next week.They have to get up very early!To the island, they go by...... bike.... boat.... train.

All children have to stick to some rules on the class trip. Ian and Greta want to play computer games, but it is not allowed to bring electronic devices. Both are angry about that. But they will find other activities to enjoy the trip.

Mahrosh wants to go outside to enjoy nature. She wants to watch Mila riding ahorse. Relaxing at the beach is a nice free time activity for both. Maybe other pupils will join them chilling at the beach.

Singing is fun for Louisette and Aylin. Louisette also likes to dance. Ecrin likesdancing, as well. The girls are planning to do a choreography for their class. They want to present their dance on their last evening at Wangerooge.

Aliki likes to spend her time reading a book in the armchair. She further writes stories herself. She likes different types of stories. Sometimes she reads the wholenight through. Definitely, there are other pupils who like to read books in class 4b.

When they have free time, Cara, Leni and Janne want to play games with their friends. Most of the time they play card games or board games. They have to figure out which game they like to play the most.

Mattis likes adventures. He wants to do camping on the beach. He needs to bringhis tent onto the island. Moritz likes to do fencing at the beach. Unfortunately, it is not allowed to camp on the beach.

Also Johannes likes adventures. He wants to go hiking on the island. It is veryexhausting to walk through the sand. You have to bring good shoes to go hiking. Johannes wants to take beautiful pictures during his hikes. Maybe he will convince someone to join him because of the beautiful landscape.

There are a lot of soccer players in class 4b: Noah, Samuel, Artina, Damiano, Elvis,Damian, Adrian, and Damjan. They love to play the game. But sometimes there areconflicts with class 4a. Hopefully, there will not be any fights with the other class during the trip.

At the end of the class trip, Minou wants to make a big party. She invites allstudents and teachers to celebrate. They will have a great time singing and dancingduring the party. They also eat crisps and drink soft drinks. Are you excited about the class trip to Wangerooge? It is going to be lots of fun!