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Rosa Parks



rosa parks was born on 13 February 1913 tuskegeeen alabma and died on 24 October 2005 in detroit in michigan, rosa parks is an African-American woman and fights against racial segregation in the united states she is nicknamed the "mother of the civil rights movement" She is the eldest daughter of a family of two with parents James and Leona Mccauley. In her childhood she has health problems including chronic angina.


Why is rosa parks famous?

In 1955, in an America torn by racial segregation, Rosa Parks refused to give up her place to a white passenger on a bus in Montgomery (Alabama). Arrested by the police and fined, she appealed her judgment and became the face of a national civil rights movement.

Why is Rosa Parks brave?

Rosa is courageous. She fights racial discrimination and segregation. On the buses of Montgomery city in Alabama, there are places for whites and places for blacks. On December 5, 1955, Rosa Parks took the bus home after a day’s work.

why rosa parks is dead?

Rosa Parks resided in Detroit until her death on October 24, 2005 , she suffered from a neurodegenerative disease. Rosa Parks had been living with dementia since 2004. She spent the last years of her life in a nursing home. The date of his funeral has not yet been made public.