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Save the planet

What can we do to save the planet?

The earth is warming up and that is why in the near future the polar ice caps will melt, for this reason the amount of carbon dioxide we produce must be reduced.

Most bottles and food packing are made of plastic, in fact, the use of plastic will be banned completely sooner or later.Paper is made from trees and we use it a lot to write on it. Since more than ten years we have seen an increase in sustainable paper resources, meanwhile digital formats will become more common. Reusing is about making something new from something old, so the fashion industry will invest time and money to become more sustainable.

It will be our duty to take part of the recycling movement as the amount of waste is considerable, however, the current situation will be harder for future generations if we do not do something soon. Recycling is a positive routine in out lives, as a matter of fact, it will be a compulsory subject in schools.In Germany, you get money for reusing old glass bottles and containers, eventually, this measure will come to Spain