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Changing faces and being a whole new person has brought fake news to another level. Just creepy! Don't forget to subscribe our blog if you are interested because deepfakes will be our next topic. Watch this short teaser to know what to expect..

DeepFakes: We're afraid!

How serious should we take fake news?

What can help?

Fake news are dangerous!

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In our research we tried to find a lot of things about fake news but we also found deepfakes which we think are worthy enough to talk about.

As five young journalists we realized the danger of fake news very fast. We try to be right and reasearch our thoughts very well so you don't have to worry whether we are trustworthy or not. Believing anything can cause harm to you and others so we have a list for you on how you can detect these misleading news.

Are fake news a threat? What should we do to minimize fake news? How serious should we take fake news? We asked us these questions and luckily found Prof. Doc. Realnews with whom we had an interview with. Very interesting!

What are fake news?

What are fake news? Is that even a serious question? If you have a mobile phone you'll probably know that fake news are misleading information presented as news. There are also different types of fake news like satire or parody that have no intention to harm us, false context which menas that genuine content is shared with false contextual information or manipulated content which manipulates information and images.

Different types of fake news


Fake news: Are you afraid of it yet?


genuine information: echte Informationenmisleading information: irreführende Informationenattentive: aufmerksamtrustworthy: vertrauenswürdig


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