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By esther weedon


Can cannabis

The Link Between Cannabis and Schizophrenia

Cause Schizophrenia


5. What would i do if I continued this project?

4. what would i do differently?

3. skills i developed

2. what i discovered

1. what i did and why



Gantt Chart

What Did I Do...

And Why?

I made short notes of my findings from each study and highlighted the conclusion so it would be easy for me to refer back to while writing the research paper

Short Notes

I created a gantt chart to help me plan how to fit in each topic and process I needed to complete for the project within the limited time frame that I was givenWhen struggling with motivation,I used a website called 4thewords to help motivate me to achieve small bursts of writing in a certain amount of time, allowing myself to take breaks between each burst of writing.

Writing Tools

Used medical journals and research papers as my topic was mainly scientific and factual. Allowed me to find credible information on the topic .

Medical Journals


What I...


Many of the conclusions that were drawn from each study were that there still isn’t enough information to draw hard conclusions on the subject. This meant I had to read between the lines and draw my own opinions.

Drawing My Own Opinions

I learned that the research into the link between cannabis and schizophrenia, while seems to have a lot of studies on the topic, is actually unfinished and still has a long way to go.

Ambiguous Research


Due to the ambiguous nature of the research findings, I learned to develop my own opinions and trust myself to infer from context, rather than relying on being told what the ‘right or wrong’ answer is.

I eventually got the hang of this skill and learned to plan sub steps for each new step of a project so I could move seamlessly into each new step.


Whilst completing the project I found that it is not always enough to plan out each step of a project, but one must also plan out how to achieve each step of the project. I found myself stuck when reaching a new step as I couldn’t initially get my head round where to start which led to each step being dragged out, and I lost time that should have been spent writing.

I Developed


I would have spent less time on research and more time on writing the actual research paper as I found that I did not use all the research as well as I could have due to time constraints.

I would plan my time better and break the project up into smaller pieces to achieve so I do not get overwhelmed and put it off as easily.

What would I...

I would conduct more research on the project at the start, rather than expecting information on the project to be sent to me as this can be contradictory and unreliable.

Do Differently?



What would i do

I would look into continuing this research into the link between cannabis and schizophrenia but also extend the research and potential studies I would conduct into the medicinal uses of cannabis as I had not previously realised how many uses it had.

If I Continued This Project?

I would also potentially look at how this research could be applied in the future in society and the laws concerning cannabis use in the UK.

esther weedon


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