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TYPICAL CLOTHES OF CANADA The uniform of the Canadian Mounted Police: The jacket has around neck, has 4 front pocket that close with gold buttons. At the waist is placed a black leather strap. The pants are black and inserted into leather boots that reach up to the knee. Typical costume of the Northern region of Canada: Woman:Skins of different animals are used, such as foxes, wolves..The dress is made like a very thick tunic that sore down to the calves. Long pants are worn, also made of thick leather. Leather gloves are a must. Footwear are animal leather boots. Man: Wear a jacket and trousers. Both made of walrus skins, seal... The jacket is long and has a cap that has bear or wolf hairs on the edge. Jacket cuffs and trouser wheels also have these decorations. Leather gloves and boots are worn. Typical costume of the central region of CanadaHas a strong influence of the indigenous tribes that always inhabited it´s territory. Women wear a full, straight dress of a single color that reaches up to the ankles. ‎The man usually uses a long brown rustic sack without sleeves. Typical costume of the Prairies region of CanadaWoman: She covers her head with a long printed scarf, dark in color. On one side of the head is placed a large red flower. At the top is a light shirt with long and wide sleeves, whose cuffs have trim with native embroidery. Man: He wear white shirt and black trousers. A red vest with white details is worn Typical costume of the Western region of Canada. She wears a white blouse with long sleeves and bombachas, with narrow cuffs. A unicolor dress of straight cup, up to the ankles. On the head is a reed hat adorned with flowers. Man: He wears black fisherman´s hat. The shirt is white and long-sleved. Black vest and trousers.

ICE HOCKEY. It's the national sport in Canada.

The capital of Canada is Ottawa. Other important cities are Vancouver, Toronto, Quebec, Montreal