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Hii!!I'm Nal


A conditional story


I can't remember the rules...

If I explain them to you, I will need...

Would it be okay for you if I ate cookies, too?


there are three types of conditional sentences: I, II and III.

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There are only three cookies. If I had known you liking cookies too, I would have baked more.

But I need them for my explanations...


If NAL hadn't eaten the cookies they Still would've been some left for ME!!!

Still discussing...

Conditional one, two, three...

Do you remember the rules...???If you don't remember the rules, you can read on the following page: Conditional SentencesThere are four types of conditional sentences. It's important to use the correct structure for each of these different conditional sentences because...Conditional Sentences and How They're Used | Grammarly Blog

I forgot conditonal zero.

Nal, this is very impolite!


Oh!I'm sorry, Di.

I can't explain the conditional rules when I am hungry.

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Maybe do you remember the rules...???

What about ice cream?


Textbook p. 52 task 1, 2, 3Workbook p. 25 task 18/19

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