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GOALS 1. Learning about good practices developed in other European countries. 2. Participating in pre-selected training activities, in order to apply the resulting professional knowledge. 3. Implementing support strategies in all areas and subjects based on the integration of language and content. 4. Introducing organisational and methodological improvements in the classroom and at the educational centre.

EDUCATIONAL CENTRES The 7 centres that form part of the ESAM-TILC Micro-consortium are: Escola Antoni Roig (Torredembarra) Escola Colors (Les Franqueses del Vallès) Escola FEDAC (Vic) Col·legi Ramon Pont (Terrassa) Escola Sant Jordi (L’Ametlla de Mar) Institut escola Coves d’en Cimany (Barcelona) Institut Jonqueres (Sabadell)

1. Observation of good practices for the visibility of the center's linguistic and cultural diversity. 2. Elaboration of classroom materials and resources that ensure the personalization of learning, the integrated treatment of language and content, and the learning of an L2 by students of foreign origin. 3. Improvement of organizational and methodological strategies for the initial reception of students of foreign origin and their families. 4. Creation of materials and design of strategies to improve linguistic competence in all areas and subjects and the academic results of all students, and the involvement of all students in learning processes.

ESAM Programme Support strategies for students of foreign origin in all areas and subjects

TILC Programme Integration of Language and Content in global work

DESCRIPTION The ESAM-TILC micro-consortium is part of the KA120 Erasmus CETE+ Consortium (2021-2027). This consortium involves 14 programmes of the Department d'Educació. The ESAM-TILC micro-consortium is made up of 7 educational centres, which work together to improve the knowledge and use of academic language by all the student body and, in particular, students of foreign origin, with the aim of improving academic results.

MOBILITIES The goals of the mobility of the ESAM-TILC Micro-consortium centres are as follows: 1. To observe multilingual and intercultural schools to find out how they welcome and integrate students and families. 2. To observe schools that have established a unified methodological line to promote the learning of all the students in all subjects and provide the necessary individualised attention. 3. To observe schools that teach students in an L2, integrating language and contents in all areas and subjects in order to achieve good results.