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WELCOME TO YOUR CALIFORNIA PROJECT!!! Follow the steps to complete your task. Have fun!

STEP 1: Leaving the big cities After having learned a lot about San Francisco and Los Angeles, we're now going to leave the big cities and discover California's beautiful landscapes. Choose one of the famous national parks in California.

STEP 2: Research Find out as much as possible about your national park. Try to also find nice pictures.

STEP 3: News from California G: Design a postcard, write about your imaginary trip and "send" it to me. M/E: Write a blog post about your imaginary trip and "post" it. You can use Word, PowerPoint or any other program you like. Be creative

STEP 4: Talk about your national park Now you're back at school and present your national park to your class. You have two options: an in-class presentation or an audio file. G: 2 min M: 3 min E: 4-5 min