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"domesticated decay" Unplanned, “unfinished” nature is fenced off from human access.

"EYE PAIN" B's eyes were suffering from the brightness of the sunlight, magnified by the white walls of the buildings and the light concrete pavements. An aspect of the sensoriality of the urban space which apparently has not been accounted for.

"ghosts of prior life - bird hauntology" By the canal, we encounter a man who keenly informs us about the loss of biodiversity brought about by urban transformation. Dozens of bird and bug species have been chased out by human interference. The result has been the creation of "Nature 2.0", a seemingly natural environment designed for human comfort, while becoming inhospitable for most former non-human inhabitants.

"domesticated decay" Unplanned, “unfinished” nature is fenced off from human access. Fencing off precludes the possibility of free, creative use and unexpected encounters. Couldn't such spaces be used to create new temporary value through Zwischenraumnutzung (Brosius 2015, 78)?

"not a good place for peeing" Fields cultivated with monoculture look as infinite as the sea. B's reaction to this uninterrupted vastness is observing that she could not find anywhere to pee (there are no patches of wilderness to shelter from people's eyes).