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8 April, 2022

Social Service Project

Alexander Bade, Alessandro Sacco, Ethen Pickles, Konstantin Zaiser, Katharina Kludt, Linus Schätz, Marvin Müller

Our Project

We organise a "Game Nigth" event that helps us raise money so that we can donate to the Tierheim, and raise awarness for the issues they are currently facing



Advertise the event in MBS.Use the interconnectivity of the MBS students and faculty to raise awarness around Munich and through all of Germany.


Support Tierheim München with the difficult situation they are currently facing during the Covid Pandemic.


Who was involved?

Tierheim München → PartnerMunich Business School → Drinks and Venue Munich Business School → Target audience Spuntino Italiano → Food (18 pizzas)

Sharing results of each TeamCreating the Organising and Advertising Teams

Procedure and Excecution


Game Night Event

March 2022

Final arrangements with MBS Date, Beverages and Food, Covid Restrictions

Febr. 2022

Okt. 2021

First contact with Tierheim MünchenReceiving advertisment material


Gathering of event ideas and deciding on an organisation to support Creation of first SSP presentation

Theory: Everything works out perfect → Time management → Teamwork → Planning → Execution



Practice: Not everything was perfect Time Management: late start, missed meetingsTeamwork: lack of communication, differencesPlanning: did not stick to “the plan” Execution: no issues apart from the ones discussed

Cooperation with Partners:

  • No challenges when Cooperating with Partners
Cooperation within the Group:
  • Creating various channels of Communication
  • Appointing a group Leader
  • Reworked task distribution

Cooperation with Partners:

  • No challenges when Cooperating with Partners
Cooperation within the Group:
  • Deciding project topic,
  • Scheduling Meetings
  • Task division
  • Absence of Group Members

Cooperation with Group and Partners




How many people are coming?What were the results of many people not showing up?

Exam PeriodWinter break Online Uni (Covid-19)

Distribution of Work


Time Management

Group of 7 → Different Tracks Different working/privat scheduels

Who does what?Strengths and Weaknesses

Overcoming Challenges

Learning Outcomes

Structured Plan Important so that meetings are arranged and every goup memeber knows when work is due Flexibility and Improvisation Necessary for sudden fallouts and changes in Covid restrictions Topic of Interest Focus on Topic that everyone is interested in, so that enthusiasm and effort towards the project are maximized Teamwork Communication is Key! Everyone has to be included so that the work environment is as effective as possible


Goals: Raise money and awareness→ Raised 282€ - Failure→ Spread awareness - SuccessGame Night: Success → Smooth process → Minor complications - ParticipantsReflection:→ Time-Management (Meetings)→ Communication→ Being on the same page from the start