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It's the year 2159. The world has changed. All the depleting energy ressources are used up. But there are other materials on other planets that can be used to produce energy.You are the captain of a space ship. Your task is to gather 4 materials. Then you can get back to earth. But to get through the security shield fo the earth you also need a password. Hopefully the aliens can help with that as well.To fly to a planet, just click on it.

Return to your Ship when you have aquired the Plasmaliquid. Don't shake it!

  • The Aliens are willing to give you the needed materials. They recorded human speech, but the data broke into pieces. They ask you to recover the pieces in exchange for Plasmaliquid.
  • Click on the Alien to accept the task.

Return to your ship when you havereceived the Flux capacitor.

We found ancient books from the past. Some words are not readable. Our computer system gave us fitting verbs, but it cannot decide which future form it should use. Can you help out? We can compensate you with a Flux capacitor.Click on the icon to access the computer.

Return to you your ship when have aquiredcondensed dark matter

Please click on me to give me examples.

Yes. We have condensed darkmatter. We are giving it to you.If you can help us.A solar flare erased the futuretenses from our speechcompartment. We can relearnit from examples. Pleasegive us examples.

Hello Human.

Our trade partners from planet Zyxor use most accurate language. They will not trade anything, if our language is not absolutely correct. Can you help us which future forms we should use? We will gladly give you the Delta-4 reactor core that you need

Please inform the captain (teacher) at the front.

YOU DiD IT!!! You made it back to earthGG