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Our school

School clubs

Famous Food

Famous People

Largest Companies



Summary of topics


Germany is located in the centre of Europe.Germany borders nine countries

  • France
  • Poland
  • Netherlands
  • Switzerland
  • Austria
  • Czech Republic
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Luxembourg


  • Founded in 1871
  • 83 million citizens
  • 357 million square kilometers
  • 16 federal provinces
  • Chancellor Olaf Scholz (social democrats)
  • Biggest cities: 1. Berlin (Capital), 2. Hamburg, 3. Munich ... 9. Dortmund

Deutschland - Germany

The landmark of Unna is the donkey
  1. 60.000 Citizens
  2. Closest big city: Dortmund
  3. 4 vocational colleges
  4. The district of Unna consists of 10 cities and municipalities
  5. Very beautiful old town with weekmarket on Tuesday and Friday


Albert EinsteinScientist

Karl LagerfeldFashion Designer, Artist & Fotograph

Heidi KlumSupermodel & Television Host

Angela Merkel Former Chancellor

Famous german people I

Birgit PrinzFamous centre-forward

Heinrich Böllfamous German writer after war

Dirk NowitzkiFormer NBA Player

Carl BenzInventor & Engineer

Famous german people II

Konrad AdenauerFirst chancellor after World War II

Olaf Scholz Current Chancellor

Diane Krugerfamous actress

Sophie SchollGerman restistance fighter against National Socialism

Famous german people III

Claudia SchifferGerman top model

Erich KästnerGerman write, poet

Thomas MüllerGerman centre-forward

Alfred KruppGerman inventor and steel manufacturer

Famous german people IV

Bayer AGChemicals

Siemens AGTechnology

Daimler AGCars

ADIDASClothing company

Largest companies

ThyssenkruppSteel production

AllianzInsurance company

Deutsche Telekomtelecommunication company

Largest companies

Schwarzwälder KirschtorteBlack forest cake

Kartoffelpuffer mit ApfelmusPotato pancake with applesauce

Rinderroulade mit KnödelnBeef roulade with dumplings and red cabbage

CurrywurstCurry Sausage with french fries

Famous german food I

Jägerschnitzelhunters-style schnitzel


Döner KebabDoner kebab

Bienenstich Bee sting cake

Famous german food II

  • 58 teachers
  • 700 apprentices and students
  • 30 classes, 37 rooms and workshops
  • 19-20 students per class in average
  • 12% from schools for pupils with special needs

Our vocational school: The "Werkstatt-Berufskolleg"

Front view of our school

  • 50% international students
  • from different countries over the whole world
  • Theater
  • Music (e.g.: Band)
  • Chess and Boardgames
  • Martial arts

School clubs

  • Smart-boards in every classroom
  • Moodle as digital classroom
  • Free Wi-Fi in whole school for everyone
  • Digital classbooks
  • a modern 3D printer

Digital School

  • Specialists for warehouse logistics
  • Service worker for nutrition and supply management
  • Social Assistants
  • Educators

Our apprenticeships:

Partner countries: Italy, Portugal, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, Greece, Turkey, Spain, France (Martinique), Poland, Romania, Sweden

Erasmus+ projects

  • Money is donated for every lap run by a student
  • All money donated supports our partner school in gambia

    Our principal Mr. Schulze

    Annual charity run

    Donated power generator

    Re-refugees learn welding

    Our Partner School in Gambia

    Achievements of our school

    Results of our work

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