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reduce plastic

Plastic is a very contaminating material for the evironment. So we ought to reduce the levels of plastic in the sea or on the floor.If we do that we will protect our planet, we will save the animals and the sea will be a really clean place.Now we are going to say how plastic affects the oceans.

Why it is important to reduce our use of plastic?

The plastic is really polluting for the oceans.Some examples are that marine animals eat this plastic and then they are caught by humans. People eat this fish and they don't know that it contains plastic. It can produce with years diseases like cancer.Furthermore the landscapes are damaged because the plastic float on the sea surface. Also when people enter into the sea to enjoy the beach they can contract skin illnesses.

How plastic affect the oceans, negatively

-Don't use baby diaper-Buy ecologic food-Hang up the clothes with clothespin made from wood-Don't drink with plastic straws-Reduce the coffee capsules-Avoid the frozen zone of the supermarkets

-We can recycle our rubbish-We can use less plastic bottles-We can buy less produscts covered with plastic.-Don't eat bubble gums -Use matches and don't use a lighter-Choose products that are packaged in glass or cardboard.

Ways we can reduce plastic


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