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STRESS : Chips, the futur of therapeutic development

The concept of stress built up over the years since 1930s.


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What is stress ?

The acute stress is a response of organism essential for survival. It involves different mediators like neurotransmitters, neuropeptides and hormones. By contrast, chronique stress leads to various diseases states in vulnerable individuals.

we are all concerned by the stress that manifests itself in our social, emotional and professional lives. From a scientific point of view, since the first definition of Dr. Hans Selye in 1936, his definition is attached to physiology and psychology, the concepts associated with stress have largely evolvedStress is above all a set of reactions of our organism to a threatening or new situation: the "stressor" agent, the stimulus.

stress is above all a set of reactions of our organism to a threatening or new situation: the "stressor" agent, the stimulus.


When confronted with stimuli, our organism must react and many parts of the brain contribute to make a favorable reaction. Stimuli mainly reach the areas of the brain involved in emotions and coordination

The amygdala, an area close to the hippocampus, is essential to our ability to feel and perceive emotions, it plays a role in activating the response as well as an important role in recognizing our emotions. The hippocampus participates in the regulation of mood and more globally in the adaptation to the environment.

All of these areas respond to stimuli by releasing neurotransmitters and hormones. Some neurotransmitters, which are chemical molecules released by neurons, are also considered hormones. this is the normal functioning of acute stress it is a good stress for the body


But there is also chronic stress which is not a good stress, it will weaken the body: it follows a prolonged exposure to the stressor, the hormones are secreted without interruption and can therefore lead to the exhaustion of the body.Exhaustion due to chronic stress can lead to heart disease, increased cholesterol levels, stomach ulcers, decreased immune defenses, etc. But it can also have consequences on the emotional state and on the cognition and can cause depression, aggressiveness, emotional fatigue as well as irritability. Psychological disorders can appear and disturb decision making such as concentration difficulties, memory problems, anxiety, emotionality, etc.

Today there are different ways to reduce chronic stress such as exercising, meditating, socializing and changing one's mind but nothing really concrete. Unfortunately, chronic stress is increasing worldwide, especially since the crisis of Covid 19, we can see that 66.9% of workers have seen their stress level increase

Chronic stress is a risk factor for developing an illness such as anxiety or depression. According to the latest estimates from 2017, 792 million people worldwide are diagnosed with mental health problems, with 284 and 264 million suffering from anxiety and depression respectively.

Chips for the futur ?

It is assumed that technological progress and future robotics will be able to considerably reduce the effects of chronic stress, the implantation of a chip in the parts of the brain mentioned above could have a beneficial effect.

With the progress of medicine and surgery, a brain operation would be possible to implant a chip in the parts of the brain mentioned.These chips will be very limited to the people, they would be implanted only to the patient with the agreement of the doctor and a psychologist and only in the serious case of stress

why they will be so controlled? Stress is something necessary for survival, the purpose of this chip will be to regulate chronic stress in someone, in a person not stressed the chip could then cause damage and simply remove any form of stress. A setting for these chips is then mandatory! We may see the birth of these chips in 15 or 20 years which would be a revolution for our current society

Frederique Carol

"Stress is the cancer of the mind "

source : medecinesciences.orgfrcneurodon.orgmtech.wp.imt.frstatista.com

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