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Food and drinks

What do Holly, Olivia, Jay and Luke like to eat?

Find out

Find Holly

Yes, that is Holly!

What does she like?a) pastab) pasties

no, wrong.

What is a pasty?

Good! She likes pasties

pie with vegetable or meat

pot with vegetable or meat


Find Luke

Yes, that is Luke!

What does he like?a) pierogib) chicken

Good! He likes pierogies!What is it?a) a dumpling from Polandb) a sausage from Poland


What is inside a pierogi dumpling?

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Find Jay

Yes, that is Jay!

What does he like?a) curry with riceb) curry with bread

no, wrong.

Yes, that is Jay!

Jay can not eat ...a) chicken because he is a muslim. b) pork because he is a muslim.

no, wrong.

Find Olivia

Yes, that is Olivia!

What does she like?a) Jamaican dinnerb) Jamaican lunch

no, wrong.

What is in a Jamaican lunch?

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End!You played very good!The findal code is: "food and drink"