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Dimosthenis' cocktails





- Dimosthenis Kyriakakis

I worked as a bartender for 10 years in some of the best cocktail bars in my city, the city of Thessaloniki. There I felt in love with cocktails!! Now , after ten years I decided to share whatever I know with everybody that is interested in. So....

- Dimosthenis Kyriakakis

...I tried to create a simple site where anybody can learn to mix a cocktail themselves. In the future, I will definately build onto this site, but with the time and knowledge that I have now, I think I have managed to achieve my goal. I hope you'll enjoy my presentation.









what did I use to create this site.


-Finding small mistakes interfering with changes and making them inapplicable.

-Adjusting bootstrap templates to my needs

-Putting the content in the correct structure.

difficulties that i met.

-I understood bootstrap better by practicing it's classes

-I got some more experience on scss

-First of all, spending around 20-25 hours this week coding helped me get more in touch with coding

what did i learn?

-More weak points are responciveness, media query and flexbox.

-I think that I need improvement everywhere.

what should I improve?

That's all! Thank you for your time!