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María and Yahann

Peer counselor presentation

who are we?

Organized and optimistic

We both are second year BCCB students. We are passionate and committed students. Yahann comes from Ghana and María from Colombia. We like to work in a team and we both applied to live in mercator as our first choice in our first year.

Events we hope to plan

  • Oktoberfest
  • Fashion Frenzy

Existing events

Mercator is known to be the artsy college on campus so it would amazing to have an art competition (any form of art) within the college with the participants

Art competition

This most likely would be further down the semester when we all know each other more, no auditions would be held so as not to pressure the freshies. It would be a voluntary talent show where any crazy talent or party tricks are displayed.

Talent night

Similar to the art fest scavenger hunt 2021 the idea is to have participants from art on searching for clues around the Jacobs University campus that are related to the next clue. The idea is to have it as a competition between the colleges and the first college to solve the clues gets a mini prize. It would work to cheer up the College spirit for preparation for the art on.

ArtOn! Scavenger hunt:

Our events!

Intercultural training

Organizing the day

Solving a circuit: Interactive activity in which the freshies are divided into two groups and have to work together to reach a goal. It is done in the open space and it mixes classical games with sports. It can be done in either the common room or outside

Two phases for the intercultural: Inside vs. Outside. Taking into account that the intercultural training lasts for a long period of time a change of environment will allow the freshies to feel more comfortable. The first part should be held in the MCO and the second one in the BBQ area or outside MercatorBarbecue: We would like to have an ‘intercultural BBQ’ where freshies could volunteer to bring foods from back home that are easy to make so we can all get a ‘taste’ of where everyone comes from. This is an amazing idea because it gives us great insight into each other's background. Food is always a good idea !

Ice breakers:Write random facts about selves and guess who they belong to this will help to create a relaxed environment where the students share their experiences

How to make it different and fun

Escape room: This would be an amazing team bonding experience because the freshies would all have to work together and communicate effectively to ‘survive’ the escape room

College spirit

Decorations made by the community : This is more so for Mercator and can boost college morale. Any student who enjoys artwork would have the ability to also show their works somewhere in Mercator.

Cheer-ups before events such as ArtOn! and Jacolympics

Maria: organized, methodic and extrovertedYahann: Works well under pressure and is optimistic

We complement each other