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My house star

Lina Diassinous-Mendil


In my kitchen, there have got a microwave, a fridge, cupboards, an oven, a table,a kettles and a cooker.

My kitchen

In my living room there have got a sofa, an armchair, a lamp, a TV,a window,a shelves and a table.

My living room

In my bathroom there is a jacuzzi (bathtub), cupboards and windows.

My bathrooms

In my bedrooom they have got a bed, an armchair, a lamp, a small table and a swimming pool because I like to swimming in my dreams.

My bedroom

In my cinema they have got a armchairs and a big TV

My cinema room

My swimming pool is very big and next to the swimming pool, I have a jacuzzi.

My swimming pool

My garden is beautiful and very big

My garden

I have 3 sports fields, football, tennis and a karate room

my sports grounds

Thank you for listening to me, goodbye