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Learning Path for Consultats


At each step of your professional journey, you will face new challenges. Acquiring new skills or strengthening existing ones is key to success. We have compiled a set of GoodHabitz courses that we recommend to you. They will prepare you for the tasks and responsibilities per consultant level regardless of whether you are a technical consultant, functional consultant, or somewhere in between.


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Associate Consultant

Learn the basics soft skills for the start of your consultant journey.


Senior/Principal Consultant

Click on the respective level and explore! You do not have to stick to the sequence nor do you have to pass all training courses. We just emphasize making continuous learning and growth an habit of your working life.


Continuing education for your everyday work brings you steadily forward on your learning path.

Even if you already have a lot of work experience, learning should remain an integral part of your working life and leadership tasks in particular are becoming increasingly important.

Here you will find additional learning units that could help you in your everyday work.

Associate Consultant


Taking MinutesPens at the ready! This online training course is for everyone who ever takes notes or wants to know how to do it… Ready, set, write!

The Power of FailureFailing can be very useful, but only if you find a way to learn from it. Want to know how? You’ll find out in The Power of Failure.

Think Outside the BoxWant to be an innovator? A pioneer? Then let’s get rid of those rigid thought patterns and do it like Disney.

The Art of NetworkingWant to become a better, more effective networker? Take our training course The Art of Networking.



Presentation SkillsThat perfect story, a structured speech and a crowd on the edge of their seats. Do you want to be a better public speaker? Dive straight into Presentation Skills.

Innovate YourselfWant to innovate, but don't know where to start? This training course will give you a nudge in the right direction!

The 80/20 RuleFeeling tense and worn out? Sort out your priorities quickly with the 80/20 rule. Soon enough, you'll have time to spare!

Critical ThinkingCritical thinkers make better decisions, challenge the status quo and dodge flawed logic. Stay sharp! Take our Critical Thinking online training course.

Senior/Principal Consultant


Sixty Second DelegatingReady to master the art of letting go? Then start by confidently delegating some of your tasks! This training course will teach you exactly how.

Conflict ManagementGot tangled up in a conflict? Conflict doesn't have to be a problem as long as you deal with it professionally. Take this course to learn how!

Take the LeadWant to have an impact, inspire, know when and how to offer support and guidance, while staying true to yourself and your vision? Here’s your manual.



Microsoft 365 - WordAre you a Word master? This course will help you transform your plain text into a professional work of art.

ScrumLet’s scrum! Keep track of all projects big and small. The result? On-time and on-budget products, self-organising teams and happy customers.

Bye-Bye BurnoutWhen it comes to burnout, prevention is better than cure. This training course will teach you all about how to handle it.

The Power of SleepA good night’s sleep makes for a creative, fit and energetic you. Do you feel like your nights could be better? Check out The Power of Sleep.

Mind Your BrainYou exercise to keep your body fit. But what about your brain? Take the course Mind Your Brain to exercise those grey cells.