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written by my mom



We met each other, in a supermarket in germany.She was interested in me, because I played chess and wants to be a cook. We showed each other recipes and texted days long about every shit. The best I saw from her was her edit skills, it was the best I have ever seen. I can't describe it WOW.

how we met


We didn't texted anymore that much, because we lost interest in each other.

a few months later...

She texted me and asked what I did in the last 9291 years we didn't texted. I told her I slept and went to school, I asked what she did, then she told "same" and "kannst ja jetzt wieder anfangen mit mir zu schreiben". I didn't knew what to do and asked her what I should write to her. She told me "wie toll ich bin".

And that's How I Met Your Mother