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Meinhardt Angelina

Pediatric Nurse

Typical Challenges



Job Market


Main Characteristics

Why this Job?

Why did I choose this Job?

  • Always interested in health care/human biology
  • My mom was a nurse in her home country + registered/licensed geriatric nurse in Germany
  • Sharing relevant patient information at shift change such as admissions, discharges and changes in patient's conditions
  • Sanitizing and assembling medical equipment
  • Checking and counting medication
  • Administering wound care
  • Providing emotional support to patients and their families
  • Taking patient vital signs, measurements and medical histories
  • Drawing blood samples
  • Requesting and conducting diagnostic tests
  • Administering medication
  • Maintaining accurate and detailed records
  • Consulting with other health care providers
  • Educating patients on how to manage their conditions



Main Charactersistics

  • Leadership qualities
  • Compassion
  • Communication Skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Active listening
  • Empathy

Main Charactersistics


Skills and qualities

Typical Challenges/Difficulties

  • Physically demanding: up on your feet the whole day
  • Mentally demanding: depending on the facility you connect with the patient and under bad circumstances the patient passes away at a young age
  • You have to deal with the parents/legal guardian (some of them are unpleasant/rude)
  • A lot of responsibilities/ a lot of independency is recquired even though you have a team
  • around 77,000 trained nurses left their nursing job
  • around 90,000 vacancies

The job Market in the UK

  • The global nursing workforce is 27.9 million, of which 19.3 million are professional nurses.
  • There are 5.9 million estimated nurse vacancies
  • 44% consider quiting their job

The International Job Market

UK: £ 33,045 /yearGermany: £ 34,489 /year

  • Education:
UK: Nursing education program, training, or apprenticeship + university 3-4 years
  • Germany: Vocational school + apprenticeship/training system is different
3 years


UK: £ 25,023 /yearGermany: £ 24,965 /year


  • Daily Job doesn´t really differ
  • Salary w/ 1-4 year of Experience:
  • Salary after 10+ of Experience:
  • Work hours: both have 8 hours shifts

Differences and similarities in Germany and the UK

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