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Elections and political system

The Election Process

1) Listen to the following podcast about the elections (Worksheet: elections process part 1)

2) Click on the icon and watch the following video. (Worksheet: election process infographic part 2)

The US Government

1) Watch the video on the right and answer the questions that are included. 2) Fill in the infographic worksheet in OneNote (Checks and Balance). Watch the video here again if necessary.


The US Government

1) Read text 05 in OneNote (Topic 3 Politics - Election) and then choose the correct answers on the worksheet 04 Election process. 2) Do all the excercises in your book p.85




Branches of the Government

The United States Government is separated into three branches to maintain a balance of power through a system of checks and balances.

The Executive

The Judicial

The Legislative

The Legislative

Congress which is composed of the House of Representatives and the Senate is responsible for creating laws and managing the national budget. They also have the power to declare war. They are held in check by the presidential veto power.

The Judicial

The federal court system with the supreme court as its most powerful arm lead interpretation of The Constitution and laws. They have the power to determine a law unconstituional. Supreme Court Justices are appointed by the president and approved by congress for a lifelong term.


You now know more about checks and balances, and remember that your vote determines who fills these branches!