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Mit diesem Genially wird die Unterrichtsreihe zu Generation Like transparent begleitet.


Task 3

Task 2


Gatecrashing a party

1-minute presentation

Profile pictures

Teenage life


Their digital habits

My digital habits

Digital habits

Young people together

Target task

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Task 1

Step 4:Social Media: What can go wrong?

Target task

Class Test06/11/24

Simple Present & Will-Future & Gerund




Criteria: A message

Meaning of generation "like"

Posts on social media

Step 5:Reflection on my personality: real life VS. social media

Step 3:Perfect profiles

Step 2:My digital habits & their digital habits

Step 1:Generation "like" and their memebers

Generation "Like"

a) to arrive at a partyb) to destroy things in a house during a party?c) to go to a party without an invitationd) to have great fun and dance at a party

We're going to read an artice called "Hundreds of teenagers gatecrashing a party". What does "to gatecrash a party" mean?


Partner B

Partner A

  • Will-future
  • Simple present
  • Gerund
- entspricht im Deutschen einem substantiviertem VerbWann das Gerund?: - nach Präpositionen - nach diesen Verben: avoid, consider, deny, discuss, dislike, enjoy, give up, mention, mind, risk, admit, involve, finish, miss, practise, imagineWann to + Infinitiv?:- nach diesen Verben: want, need, hope, forget, allow


- Gegenwart (jetzt)Bildung:- Subjekt + infinitv/infinitiv-s- Merksatz: He/she/it das 'S' muss mit.Verneinung:- Subjekt + do not/does not + Infinitiv

Simple present

- ZukunftBildung:- Subjekt + will + InfinitivVerneinung:- Subjekt + will not (kurz: won't) + infinitiv


  • Pick one picture that you like and one picture that you dislike ( ). Explain your reactions to your partner within two sentences.
  • Which posts got the most likes and the most dislikes in the class. Let’s count!
  • What are reasons for liking a post? What are reasons for not liking posts? Give reasons in a mind map. Find as many reasons as you can. You may work with your partner.

What: Reactions on social mediaWhy: to come to our new unitHow?: talking about posts

2. Posts on social media
  • Then and now
  • What does generation "like" mean?
    • 1. Write your own definition in your corner of the sheet.
    • 2. Read out your definitions to each other.
    • 3. Create one definition together in the middle of the sheet.
    • 4. Present your definition.

What: find out what generation "like" meansWhy: to understand what our new unit is aboutHow?: placement method

3. Meaning of generation "like"

What: describe a pictureWhy: prepare oral examHow?: Think, Pair, Share

  • THINK:
    • Look at the photo and think about these questions: What is happening? What are they doing? Do they know each other? Are they friends?
    • Describe your photo ( ) and take notes.
  • PAIR:
    • Describe your photo to your partner.
    • Compare your photos in a table.
  • SHARE:
    • Let's compare your tables.
    • Let's talk about the following questions:
  • Partner A: p. 77, 4
  • Partner B: p. 97, 4
1. Young people together

Hi, you won't believe what just happened a few minutes ago. As you know I am at my grandmother's house because my parents are on vacation. I was in the living room watching Stranger Things and playing the new computer game. Then my grandmother came home and asked me to help her in the kitchen. Right in that moment my phone was ringing. It was a message from Suzi. So you know I really had to answer before she got upset. I told my grandmother that I will help her in a secound and started texting Suzi. Then my grandmother turned off the TV and the computer. I couldn't even save my score. This woman just got crazy and said that I waste my life. Help me!!!!

Answer him and help him to prepare a talk with his grandmother by giving him background information.- Describe what makes your generation so special and why his grandmother could have problems with understanding.- State (=present the main aspects of sth. briefly and clearly) pros AND cons of living with a lot of screentime. So that he can understand negative aspects too.- Point out possible compromises concerning his screentime when he is together with his grandmother.You can decide wether you want to hand in a written message or a recorded voice message via catharina.beeskow@lk.brandenburg.de. Make sure you follow the criteria.

Your English friend sent you the following message on What's App:

Task: A message

Ich kann ein Post beschreiben und begründen, warum ich ihn mag/nicht mag.Ich kann einem Artikel Informationen entnehmen.Ich kann eine Nachricht verfassen, indem ich auf die beschriebene Situation eingehe und die verlangten Inhalte wiedergebe.

Your Learnings: